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Mastodon instance in under heavy load

March 19, 2020 at 4:24 PM


Resolved after 144h 36m of downtime. March 25, 2020 at 5:00 PM


Since a week or two, I experienced serious issues running Mastodon.

It’s been a while since I started mastodon.papey.fr.

With all the evolutions going on plus the expansion of the Fediverse, my current server can’t handle the load.

I don’t want to pay more to get a more powerfull server so I will close this istance.


For now, the instance is running in minimal mode with minimal workers available.

It’s now time for you to get your data and move your account to another instance

mastodon.papey.fr will be closed on 2020-03-25.

You can find on me the Fediverse at papey@rage.love

Thanks for the ride, see you soon.


It’s done, on 2020-03-25 I launch the tootctl self-destruct command.

Mastodon instance is closed and will now return a 410 status.

curl https://mastodon.papey.fr/about
410 Gone

Again, thanks for all the joy shared on this instance.

Bye !