All systems operational
Fediverse   (?) Public instance used to present Fediwatcher capabilities Operational   (?) Plume instance focused on novels Operational
gamble-bot (VAL & PL)   (?) Gamble-bot instance deployed on Val & PL Twitch channel Operational
gamble-bot (Bandit)   (?) Gamble-bot instance deployed on Bandit Twitch channel Operational
trostani (Forgeron)   (?) Trostani instance deployed on Forgeron Discord guild Operational
trostani (MtG L&C)   (?) Trostani instance deployed on MtG L&C Discord guild Operational
o2m-metalorgie   (?) o2m instance deployed on Metalorgie Discord guild Operational
o2m-lebruit   (?) o2m instance deployed on Le Bruit Discord guild Operational
o2m-entrepod   (?) o2m instance deployed on Entrepod guild Operational
Services   (?) Private Bin instance Operational   (?) ZNC IRC Bouncer Operational   (?) Personnal Gitea instance Operational   (?) Personnal Drone CI instance Operational
Blogs   (?) Personnal blog Operational   (?) Tech blog Operational
Sites   (?) Main homepage Operational   (?) A place to store all my notes Operational
bilbo   (?) Operational
balrog   (?) Operational
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2020 (1)

March 19, 2020 at 4:24 PM

Mastodon instance in under heavy load

Resolved after 144h 36m of downtime